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Supporting our students to understand about their next steps is very important to us at Fosse Way School. We believe that the more you know the better informed you are to make the right choice. We also believe it is important for parents to understand the next steps in order to support their child in making decisions.

As a school, we use our school Progression  tracker Show Progress to measure the impact of our schools careers programme for each individual. 

Students in Post-16 at Fosse Way have started to develop a website that allows parents and young people to discover what is available to them. The website has also been designed to provide resources for teachers and to inform local employers of our work experience and supported internship procedures.

 Please visit to discover all of the latest information. This website is being updated weekly.

For more information on careers advice and guidance please contact:

 Careers lead Fiona Moody

Senior Teacher for careers  Ben Skinner

 Careers adviser Jamie Chant

 Job Coach Mark Hobbs-Shoulder

All the above can be contacted at the main school address and main school telephone number.

Our next review date is May 2021


Careers Education and Guidance Policy 2018 in Access statement

Employability Policy and Procedure - (Work Experience Volunteering and Internship)




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