Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 provision at Fosse Way is led by Assistant Principal, Ian Tanner.

The curriculum at Key Stage 3 is topic based and pupils learn through a common theme e.g. Famous people, Enterprise and Around the World. This approach enables pupils to make cross curricular links between the foundation subjects. Pupils also focus on developing key skills such as team work and independent enquiry. Gaining these key skills enables pupils to achieve their intended learning goals and consequently improves self-esteem and behaviour.

The core subjects are taught discreetly and focus in particular on basic literacy and numeracy skills, whilst extending the more able.  All staff are trained to deliver the synthetic phonics programme Sounds Write and the numeracy programme Numicon. Teachers also deliver guided reading, reading comprehension and hand writing sessions. Each pupil is set individual learning targets in the core subject and learning is personalised.

A range of criteria including academic ability, communication, social interaction skills and specific SEN is utilised to create teaching groups. This approach provides opportunities for pupils to learn together in a number of different groupings while also providing opportunities for them interact socially and improve social skills.

The curriculum is supported by a wide range of off-site activities such as field trips and horse riding.

Pupils are taught by their tutor for the majority of subjects in order to support the transition from Primary school to Secondary school.

Developing attention and engagement

Student engagement is the starting point for all learning. Seven areas are focused on at Key Stage 3. These include developing awareness, anticipation, initiation, persistence, curiosity, discovery and investigation.

Pupils receive one hour of Attention and Engagement activities each week. This is divided into five daily sessions of ten minutes for students working at stages one and two. These sessions can provide a good transition activity after break or lunchtime. Students working in stages three and four receive longer sessions of 20 minutes, three times per week.

As the attention and engagement skills prepare pupils to learn, subject teachers look for opportunities to develop these skills in their lesson planning. Over the course of the year teachers assess where the pupil is making good progress and identify areas they need to focus on. For instance, if there have been few examples of the pupil demonstrating persistence in a familiar activity, the teacher might set a goal to ‘stay on task for 10 minutes using a timer’ and consider what would help them to persist with the task. If a pupil shows little initiation in making requests, the teacher may consider organising some very motivating activities to encourage this skill.


Additional details of the curriculum overview can be found here.

More detailed examination of the topics can be found in the Schemes of Work pages.

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