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ASD Support Service – Courses for Parents and Carers 2018-19

All events will be held at Fosse Way School and are free of charge. Please email or phone 01761 412198 and leave message for Sharon Hall to reserve a place.

No childcare available.

Cygnet dates at Fosse Way School - information about the course can be found below.

Group 1.

12th Sept 2018
19th September 2018
26th September 2018
4th October 2018
10th October 2018

Group 2
23rd January 2019
30th January 2019
6th February 2019
13th February 2019
27th February 2019

Group 3
1st May 2019
8th May 2019
15th May 2019
22nd May 2019
5th June 2019


Group 1
7th February 2019
14th February 2019
28th February 2019
7th March 2019

Group 2
6th June 2019
13th June 2019
20th June 2019
27th June 2019

CYGNET and SPACE letter - Please read if you were interested in Early Bird and Early Bird plus courses and see information below

SPACE Programme

(Supporting Parents of Autistic Children in the Early years.)

For parents of Pre-school children (0-4years.)

This 4 week programme is aimed at helping parents understand more about ASD and how they can best support their child. 

During the course we cover; 

* Understanding autism; 

* Communication and Language; 

* Behaviour, including temper tantrums, aggression and anxiety; 

* Daily living skills such as toileting, eating, sleeping and general self-help skills; 

* Sensory sensitivities. 

We aim to delve deep into Autism, how it affects our children, seeing differences rather than deficits. We aim to provide families with tips and techniques to support their children at home. 


For parents of children and young people aged 4-18 (school aged): 

 This 6 week programme is designed for parents and carers of children and young people aged 5-18 with an autistic spectrum condition. The programme is designed to: 

* To increase parents understanding of autistic spectrum conditions 

* To help parents develop their knowledge on how a child on the autistic spectrum experiences the world and what drives their behaviour 

* To guide parents through practical strategies they can use with children 

* To direct parents to relevant ASD resources 

* To give parents the opportunity to meet with other parents who have had similar experiences and to gain support and learn from each other 


Parents must refer themselves onto the course by calling or emailing Fosse Way School (01761 412198 and asking to be put on the SPACE or CYGNET interested people list. Professionals cannot refer a family. Once a course is planned parents will then be contacted with a form to book themselves a place. 

We aim to deliver at least 3 SPACE and 3 CYGNET programmes a year dependent on need. 

Sessions are for two hours and usually include up to 12 people (around 6 families). Each family can have up to two places. We expect that one person per family is a constant and attends all the sessions. 

Childcare is not available, we ask that parents make their own arrangements. 


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