Information for parents relating to the administration of medicine in school

(More details to be found in the Medical Needs policy found here)

No medicine can be administered unless clear written instructions to do so have been obtained from a doctor (this includes paracetamol).

Medical Form 2 must be completed for prescription medication to be administered. A doctors signature is not required but the medication must be brought to school in it’s prescription box that clearly indicates dosage, instructions for administration and name of pupil.

In the event of a sudden requirement for medication where a form has not been completed and the medication has to be administered in school time, it is permissable for a parent to come and administer the medication directly.

The school reserves the right to refuse responsibility for the administration of medicine in some instances.

Children who are acutely ill and who require a short course of medication e.g. antibiotics, will normally remain at home until the course is finished. Antibiotics in liquid form cannot be administered at school.

All medication must be in the original medication box with the child’s name, mode of administration, dosage, frequency and the name of the medication being given otherwise it cannot be administered.

Any changes to medication including a change in dosage must be reported to school on Form 2 (multiple copies are available from the school office).

Cough sweets are considered as sweets and therefore cannot be eaten in class.

Medical Form 1 is used for non-prescription medication. It is usually used for residential visits and pupils in Fosse Way House but occasional use painkillers can be put on this form.

Medical Form 1 & 2 can be downloaded here:

Medical Form 1 and 2

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