Dress Code

The list below sets out the recommended dress for primary and secondary pupils:

  • Plain trousers, skirt, dress or knee length shorts – black or dark grey.
  • Plain shirt or polo shirt – white or grey.
  • Plain sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan – royal blue for primary pupils, black for secondary aged pupils.
  • Black, grey or white socks or tights.
  • Plain black or dark coloured shoes/school style trainers suitable for daily running and walking in.
  • Pupils will need warm outdoor clothes for colder days e.g. jacket, coat, fleece
  • We like to encourage an atmosphere of work rather than leisure and so do not allow casual clothes to be worn to school.  (No jeans, leggings, colourful T-shirts, colourful socks, colourful trainers or boots).
  • Extreme hairstyles such as shaven heads, bleached or brightly coloured hair is not allowed.

Parents and carers are free to purchase school clothing from where ever they wish.  However, school sweatshirts, polo shirts and fleeces, can be bought from Norton Sports & Camping, 77 High Street, Midsomer Norton, BA3 2DE, Tel: 01761 418972. The school receives a small commission from sales.  These monies contribute toward the cost of off-site activities.

Additional clothing and PE Kit should include:

  •                 White T-shirt
  •                 Black shorts
  •                 Trainers or plimsolls
  •                 Swimming kit and towel
  •                 Sports bag or rucksack to carry kit

If your child requires any specialist PE equipment such as studded boots or shin pads then school will contact you.

All clothing and kit should be clearly marked with your child’s name in order that lost clothes can be returned to their owners.

We do not want these guidelines to become a source of conflict between home and school or between children and parents.  If there are difficulties, please contact the school.  No child will be treated less favourably for reasons of colour, race, religion, gender, culture or ethnic origin.

Post 16 students

Students should look tidy and wear clothes that are appropriate for the work environment. The following points provide further guidance:

  • Vests and sun tops are not acceptable
  • Skirts, dresses and shorts should be of a reasonable length
  • Ripped or damaged clothing (such as fashionable torn jeans) are not acceptable

Students will continue to need coats and sports clothing when necessary.

When representing Fosse Way School or on work experience pupils will need to dress appropriately for the role.  Tutors will help with this.

The Leadership Team reserves the right to insist that all students be dressed appropriately for school.

Parents and carers are advised that health and safety issues make body piercing and some footwear (high heels, flip flops) unacceptable for a school environment.

Jewellery is not encouraged as it may be lost and can cause accidents.  If ears are pierced then only a plain stud is allowed (no hoops or dangling styles).

Long Hair should be tied back when cooking, working in the workshops or doing PE.

All clothing and kit should be clearly marked with your child’s name in order that lost clothes can be returned to their owners.

Parents are free to purchase school clothing from wherever they wish. Our nearest supplier can provide sweat-shirts etc with the school logo.

Current price list from June 2021

Norton Sports and Camping

77 High Street,

 Midsomer Norton

 BA3 2DE


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