Important Coronavirus Update

Friday 20th March 2020


Dear Parent/Carer

 COVID -19 Virus Update and planned response

Fosse Way School will be closed from Monday in order to reduce the chance of the virus spreading. From Monday, schools’ purpose will change from education to that of providing care for a limited number of children – those that are vulnerable as well as those whose parents are critical to the response to Covid-19 and who cannot safely be cared for at home. We will continue to communicate and will update you as often as is appropriate.  Please read these updates, as they are likely to change over time, in response to information received from Public Health England.

The guidance we have received is very clear about the starting point:

‘If children can stay safely at home, they should, to limit the chance of the virus spreading.’ Schools are closing in order that social contact is as limited as it can be. The guidance goes on to say:

 ‘…schools to remain open only for those children who absolutely need to attend.’

 We would ask you to recognise that the more children that come into school, the greater the risks. That includes to the staff who have to attend to supervise. We appreciate that all families will be under strain currently as many juggle illness, concern over and care for loved ones, home working and caring for their children, amongst many other things. The staff within our schools are also managing all of these.

 The current guidance is that wherever possible children should be at home not school.  As a result, from Monday the school will be closed to MOST pupils.  If you are able to be at home because you don’t work, or you are not identified as a key worker, we are kindly asking that you keep your child at home.

Due to the current, unprecedented, situation we are trying to maintain continuity and support to ensure the country is able to meet the challenge.  As a result, school will only be open to:

 Families where both parents/a single parent are key workers (we have already contacted you to determine this)

  • Young people who meet a high criteria for being at risk (we have already contacted you if this is the case)

We recognise that this will be incredibly difficult for MOST families and we will continue to do the best to support you for as long as we can.  We have not made this decision lightly but for the good of the many, we have to support the key workforce and those who most desperately need it.

Please note that it is unlikely that the usual school transport will be operational.

Teachers will be checking communication streams daily so please keep them updated.  The main office will also be open should you need to contact us.  We will do all that we can to support you. I do hope that you understand the difficult decisions we are all faced with and I look forward to seeing you all in the near future. Thank you very much for all the support we have received from you and your words of kindness and thanks. It is really appreciated by us all.


Many thanks

Emily Massey

Executive Principal

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