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ASD Support Service – UPDATE 4th June 2020   

ASD Support Service – Online Cygnet Course

Cygnet online course info letter June 20

Cygnet online booking form June 20

Barnardos have made Cygnet materials available for online delivery. The ASD Support Service has trialled these materials with 2 groups of parents and is now offering the programme to interested parents/carers.

  • It is designed for parents and carers of children and young people aged between 5 and 16 who have a diagnosis of ASD.
  • There are 6 weekly sessions which will be made available to you via a hyperlink and a password.
  • We will email you the link each week ….all you need is to click to open it using the password we will give you.
  • The materials are in the form of a power point presentation. The video clips are links to You Tube.
  • The password will be time limited by Bardardos and we will let you know the deadline for accessing the materials.
  • A member of the ASD Support Service team will make contact with you each week (by phone or email) to check if you have any questions and to discuss any points.

We are planning to run online Cygnet training in the future as we realise that it suits some parents and carers. However when safe and possible to do so we will resume running group face to face sessions as these offer more benefits including peer support.

To enroll:

 Please complete and return the attached form.

  • You will need access to a laptop or PC that can run power point (part of Microsoft Office, like Word etc.) and internet access.
  • Please indicate how you would like to be contacted each week by a member of the ASD Support Service.

Once we have received this we will email you with the first link and the password.

Materials will be available as follows:

 Week 1 – week beginning June 8th

Week 2 – week beginning June 15th

Week 3 – week beginning June 22nd

Week 4 – week beginning June 29th

Week 5 – week beginning July 6th

Week 6 – week beginning July 13th


UPDATE May 5th  2020

The team continues to offer support and guidance to parents/carers and professionals through phone, video calls and emails. Unfortunately we are not able to offer home visits or setting observations at the current time.

Please contact us in one of the following ways:

Please allow a few days for the information to get to a team member who will then contact you.

Professionals: It is important that we have as much information as possible so completing and attaching  a request for input form is very helpful (available here    you need to scroll down to very near bottom of the page). Crucially this includes confirmation that parents are aware of referral.

We have posted resources on both the Fosse Way website and 1Big Database.

TRANSITION support: from Early Years settings to primary schools, or from primary to secondary schools, or from secondary schools to college.

We are preparing a menu of resources and activities to support transition. If you have children or young people with a diagnosis of ASD and would like this information please email and put ‘transition’ in the subject line. We need to know name(s) of CYP, current setting/school and planned new placement. If we are not directly involved before the summer we will become involved as soon as possible and can now say that we will also follow up in the autumn.

TRAINING for professionals: We plan to be offering limited online training soon which will include some AET modules. This will be free to B&NES early years settings, schools and academies. Details will be published on the teaching school website  .

SUPPORT for parents/carers: As well as phone/video call/email support we will be offering Cygnet as an online course. The 2 groups that had started before the lockdown will be contacted and offered the remainder of the course online followed by a 1:1 telephone call. They will be contacted directly.

Parents/carers who would like to access the online Cygnet programme should email  and put ‘Cygnet ‘ in the subject line. We anticipate starting this offer towards the end of May and phone call support will form part of package.

If you have any queries or questions please do contact us and we will do our best to get in touch within a few days.

Hoping everyone is managing well in these challenging times and most importantly staying safe.

MARCH 2020

Links and resources from ASD Support Service for use during Corona virus times:

We have put together this set of resources and links which specifically focus on needs of children and young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Our top tips are:

  • Use a schedule or planner and identify one key activity per day (although there will be more) which will help with passage of time. Structure the day with regular times for meal and routine activities.
  • Use Social Stories (Carol Gray)
  • Use visual information: writing, pictures, Comic Strip Conversations, photos to communicate most effectively and especially about feelings or difficult topics.

National Autistic Society:

For parents and carers:

Videos for children and young people:

Social Stories from Carol Gray (with no copyright issues) or gathered from elsewhere:

Remember that ideally these should be personalised.


Learning About the Corona-Virus

Schools are Closed Social Story

Someday; A-Story-of-Hope-for-Children



The ASD Support Service is commissioned by the local authority from Fosse Way School.


  • To provide a service that forms part of the spectrum of support for children and young people with ASD in the local authority
  • To provide support to settings and schools in B&NES to meet the needs of pupils with ASD within mainstream, inclusive settings
  • To respond positively to requests for training, assessment, and advice or focussed support
  • To facilitate support groups for professionals in mainstream schools, parents and carers of pupils with ASD in mainstream schools, and pupils themselves
  • To work with other agencies and voluntary groups for the benefit of pupils with ASD in mainstream settings and schools
  • To support transition for children and young people from pre-school to school and from primary to secondary school


The service is focused on

  • supporting schools and settings to better meet the needs of children and young people with ASD through a variety of strategies including training, modelling and direct work
  • supporting the local authority by providing specialist advice and input
  • supporting parents and carers to maintain access to schools and settings for children and young people with ASD. This includes training for parents: details at
  • working with colleagues in a range of professions and services to ensure quality multi-professional working


  • Schools and settings or the LA will make requests for input to the ASD Support Service at Fosse Way School. Schools and settings should use the request for input form:

ASD request for input 2019-2020   (to download and save)

  • Communication between Fosse Way and the mainstream school will be electronic and personal (telephone and/or face to face) with a minimum of paperwork. The initial request should be made to Fosse Way School using secure means and in line with GDPR.
  • Requests are usually processed within 2 weeks and schools/settings will be contacted by a member of the ASDSS team.
  • Fosse Way School is a strategic partner of AET ( and deliver the nationally accredited training across all schools and settings.
  • Details of professional CPD can be found at

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