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Fosse Way School is strongly wedded to the principal of supporting the inclusion of mainstream students with special educational needs, and is involved in a broad range of collaborative activities with the other schools in the Network. Within this Network there are three Comprehensive schools, nineteen Primaries and one Special School. A senior member of staff from Fosse Way acts as the coordinator for the Network.  A fundamental aspect of the Network is the  sharing of  skills and expertise of all the schools with an emphasis on staff development opportunities for mainstream staff. The strong collaboration between Fosse Way and the mainstream schools is mutually beneficial. The mainstream schools have access to the skills and experience of the special school, which greatly benefits their staff and students. Fosse Way staff bring back ideas from the mainstream schools and maintain a broad understanding of mainstream issues and practices

The services provided through the Network include:

  • Regular SENCO meetings facilitated by the Network coordinator. These provide opportunities to share good practice, share current concerns, discuss ongoing developments, audit needs within and across schools and to liaise with other agencies.
  • A professional development programme , which is planned in response to needs identified from within the network audit. Specific examples include courses on, dyslexia, ADHD, accessing ICT, writing effective IEPs, managing behaviour etc.
  • Consultancy on a range of issues and for individual pupils.
  • Direct support and planning for specific individuals.
  • Specific training support to promote whole school improvement in individual or groups of schools, e.g. positive behaviour management (SCIP), Sound Discovery.
  • Supporting collaboration and sharing of good practice between schools.
  • The maintenance and updating of a Physical resource base, with additional resource needs being identified through the SENCO group.
  • Regular meetings in all individuals schools, this supports the identification of whole school and individual needs.
  • Additional independent Occupational Therapy & Speech and Language Therapy support is provided across the Network, in response to an identified need. This is funded directly by the schools through the network coordinator.
  • Direct collaboration between the Network and a range of Local Authority services to ensure that a cohesive collaborative approach is provided to identifying and meeting the needs of the schools and pupils
  • Liaison with a range of other agencies involved within the area such as the ASD Support Service the local Common Assessment Framework development group, Extended Services, School Nurses and Speech and Language Inclusion Partnership.

The success of the Network is based on the commitment, collaboration and mutual trust of the schools involved.

The Network is funded  partly from contributions from all schools involved and partly by Fosse Way through the Community aspect of Specialist School status.

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