Work Experience

Fosse Way school is proud that all students will take part in work experience during their school career. We have a very personalised approach to work experience and offer a range of placement opportunities. Students can take part in a combination of placements ranging from group placements within school, to placements in the school café and many will go on to have an off-site placement with a local business.  

School PlacementsLongfellow's Community Placements
Running the in-house recycling businessWaitressingSomer Valley Radio
Site maintenanceWorking as a barista (for those over 18 only)Cats Protection League
Supporting in primary classesServing food
Preparing meals
Stock control

Work experience is an essential part of our curriculum as we believe it teaches our students the necessary skills in order to gain meaningful employment (or voluntary work). We also believe that work experience allows our students the opportunity to put skills in to context and establish a greater understanding of what they do and don’t want to do upon leaving Fosse Way School

As part of their timetable, many Post 16 students complete internal work experience placements in our school café Longfellows. Students can undertake many roles within the cafe, for example they can practice front-of-house skills whilst serving customers efficiently with food and drink orders; clear and clean tables and service areas whilst being polite and friendly to customers at all times, under the expert guidance of our café manager and chef (Debbie and Paula).  Some students take part in food preparation, while others check deliveries against invoices and stock the shelves and a few students also learn barista skills. Students also have the opportunity to work on the till taking orders and handling money. All placements in the cafe are adapted to the individual needs of the student.

Students working in the cafe gain real life experience of working in a busy cafe whilst being supported by staff who know them well. While students may go on to gain employment in the hospitality sector, the skills gained in this working environment can be transferred to any work place.

If you visit Longfellow’s you will see the student run shop, this is a place where our students are able to sell items made during their enterprise lessons. The shop is well worth a visit and the stock changes regularly!

If you have any questions about Work Experience opportunities at Fosse Way, or if you feel that you could support us by offering Work Experience, please contact Mark Hobbs-Shoulder by emailing: