The General Data Protection Regulations apply to all organisations that hold and process data. Fosse Way School takes GDPR very seriously and all policies are embedded into the school processes.

The designated Data Protection Officer for Fosse Way school and The Partnership Trust is One West and they perform annual GDPR audits to monitor compliance.

On this page you will find information relating to the school and  GDPR.

A reminder for parents

Fosse Way School runs their consents for pupil activities or photographs as a live system using SIMS Parent-Lite. With this system you are able to directly access your child’s information and request edits. You will automatically be invited using the email address you provide in the welcome pack.

If you have issues accessing SIMS Parent-Lite you are more than welcome to email the School Office with any changes that you wish enacted at any time. You will receive termly reminders  via ClassDojo to ensure details are up to date. If you prefer, you can download and complete the forms and send them in at any time.

Data Collection Sheet New

Consent Form – Early Years and Primary

Consent Form – Secondary

Consent Form – Post 16

Permission for Therapies 

Permissions for local Visits

Privacy Notices

Privacy notices have details of what reasons the school collects and how they use data. Some data is collected by The Partnership Trust on the schools behalf e.g Staff Workforce so those are also included.

Fosse Way Specific Privacy notices are linked below;

TPT GDPR – Privacy Notice – School Workforce Sept 2023

TPT GDPR – Privacy Notice – Private Hirers_Sept 2023

TPT GDPR – Privacy Notice – Job Applicants

Fosse Way GDPR – Privacy Notice for Pupils and Parents 2023-2024

Fosse Way GDPR – Privacy Notice – Visitors 2023-2024

GDPR Policies

Fosse Way School follows the GDPR policies of the Partnership Trust. These are linked below;

TPT GDPR – Acceptable Use of IT Policy Sept 2023

TPT GDPR – Data Breach Policy Sept 2023

TPT GDPR – Data Protection Policy Sept 2023

TPT GDPR – Freedom of Information Publication Scheme Sept 2023

TPT GDPR – Information Security Policy Sept 2023

TPT GDPR – Photograph Policy Sept 23