Key Stage 4

KS4 comprises students in Y9, Y10 and Y11

Students at Key Stage 4 follow a combination of the following nationally accredited courses;

  • AQA GCSE in English, Maths,  Art, Physics, Biology
  • Home Cooking Skills (Level 1/Level 2)
  • Trinity Arts Award (Bronze/Silver – Performing arts qualification and Design Technology)
  • Entry Level in Maths, Step Up Silver and Gold English, Science,  Functional Skills ICT
  • L1 Sports Leaders Qualification
  • BTEC Awards/Certificates in  Hospitality and Tourism
  • BTEC Introduction to Hair and Beauty
  • BTEC Digital Media
  • BTEC Land Based Studies
  • ASDAN History Short Course
  • ASDAN Geography Short Course
  • ASDAN Award of Personal Effectiveness
  • ASDAN Personal Development
  • Duke of Edinburgh Bronze/ Silver Award

In Year 9 students are supported to select courses for three afternoons per week. This allows them to follow an even more personalised curriculum where they have chosen areas which interest them. There is a diverse range to choose from with something for everyone.

Fosse Way School offers a choice of options at KS4, aimed at personalising the individual learning experience for each student. Both pathways cover all areas of The Foundation Learning Tier. Decisions regarding the final choice of pathway for each student are arrived at through consultations involving the student, parents and school staff.