GCSE Art Option

                                               Qualification: GCSE Art

Lead teacher:  Martyn Plant

Course content / main areas of learning

Pupils explore, investigate, refine and record ideas and observations and go on to develop individual work using a range of different materials, techniques and processes. This includes drawing, painting, sculpture, printing and mixed media work based on themes that are investigated through several extended projects of work.

Assessment details

We currently follow the AQA GCSE Art and Design (8201) specification which comprises a ‘Portfolio of Work’ (the work done throughout the course) and an ‘Externally Set Assignment’ (a set of work based on an examination paper and which includes an extended, time-limited examination period).

Key messages about the option.

This option is for pupils who are keen to develop, extend and refine their art skills using a range of different materials and techniques. All of the work done in the Art Option is developed from set themes that are designed to meet the GCSE Art specification – this is not an option in which pupils can just ‘do their own thing’.