Careers Advice and Guidance

  • Supporting our students to understand about their next steps is very important to us at Fosse Way School. We believe that the more you know the better informed you are to make the right choice. We also believe it is important for parents and carers to understand the next steps in order to support their child in making decisions.

    Pupils at Fosse Way follow a curriculum that links to the development of careers-based skills from reception all the way through to Post-16 and Project Search. At the younger ages this could include: turn taking, sorting/ordering, counting, social communication skills. At the older ages includes: internal and external work experience placements, college visits, careers advice, employability skills qualifications. These things are just a few examples of how we support our children and young people to develop the skills needed to support their future career. All of this falls under the banner of ‘independence’ – careers outcomes aren’t just about jobs, working and further education; for some individuals, supported living is may be the future outcome. In this case, it is still vitally important that independence skills are developed to ensure that as adults our young people are able to access as much independence in future life as possible.

    As a school, we use our school progression tracker ‘Show Progress’ to measure the impact of our schools careers programme for each individual. We measure our success against the 8 ‘Gatsby Benchmarks’, which are:

    1. ‘A stable careers programme’
    2. ‘Learning from labour market information’
    3. ‘Addressing the needs of every pupil’
    4. ‘Linking curriculum learning to careers’
    5. ‘Encounters with employers and employees’
    6. ‘Experiences of workplaces’
    7. ‘Encounters with further education’
    8. ‘Personal guidance’

    More information on these benchmarks can be found online. The West of England Combined Authority has conducted analysis of our current careers-linked curriculum offer, and the results are displayed in the graph below:

For more information on careers advice and guidance please contact:

Careers lead: Ben Skinner,

Senior Teacher for careers and careers advisor: Tony Kelly,

Work Experience Co-ordinator: Mark Hobbs-Shoulder,

All the above can be contacted at the main school email address and main school telephone number.

Our next review date is March 2023.

Careers Education and Guidance Policy and Provider Access Statement

Work Ready Policy and Procedure (Work Experience, Volunteering And Internships