Digital Media


Digital Media at Fosse Way is a subject that allows pupils in key stage 4 to explore interests they have using computers whilst also enabling them to build on skills which will help them in the wider world. Pupils will be able to learn new software and computer hardware, they will also build on their team working, creative and technical skills.

Each student is treated as an individual, and where possible they have the opportunity to explore the coursework units focusing on a personal interest, e.g. creating an animation about their favourite film.

At key stage 4 we expect that pupils who choose the digital media option have had the opportunity to explore their interest in computers and express their ideas in a variety of imaginative ways.


​The digital media curriculum follows the BTEC Level 1 Award/Certificate Introductory in Digital Media qualification.

The qualification is broken down into five coursework units for the Certificate covering a variety of topics under the digital media and skills building headings. Currently these units are:

  • Creating an Animation
  • Being Organised
  • Developing a Personal Progression Plan
  • Designing an Interactive Presentation
  • Making an Audio Recording

Pupils are given the opportunity to use laptops, iPad’s, digital cameras, animation cameras and virtual reality headsets.

Where possible pupils are given the opportunity to visit places where digital media is present in a real world setting e.g., Motion VR in Bristol


​When pupils complete the Digital Media course they feel equipped in a variety of different ICT skills and they will have a greater understanding of what is required for different digital media roles.

They will also have developed skills using ICT to communicate and present their ideas which is relevant to so many jobs now-a-days across a wide range of employment sectors.

Pupils will gain the BTEC Level 1 award or certificate Introductory in Digital Media and can progress to Level 2 or other relevant courses in the future.