Duke of Edinburgh Award

Lead teacher: Phil Burton

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Bronze Award can take between one and three years to complete. There are around 300,000 participants annually. The programs are at three progressive levels which, if successfully completed, lead to a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

With assistance from adult leaders, participants select and set objectives in each of the following areas:

· Volunteering: undertaking service to individuals or the community.

· Physical: improving in an area of sport, dance, or fitness activities.

· Skills: developing practical and social skills and personal interests.

· Expedition: planning, training for, and completing an adventurous 2-day camping and hiking journey.

To achieve an award, the participant must work on each section for a minimum period of time, (Bronze 3–6 months), and must be monitored and assessed. Participants are required to show regular activity and commitment to the award for the duration of their DofE program, which is usually at least one hour per week. In Fosse Way School the sections can be completed in school and the assessor is usually the participants’ teacher or tutor. During the options sessions at school, the participants will follow the Duke of Edinburgh Training Framework which teaches skills in areas such as map reading and compass work, first aid and emergency procedures, camp craft, teambuilding, food and cooking outdoors, and the Countryside Code.

Key messages about the option. By participating in the DofE, core skills such as self-esteem, independence, team-work, and the ability to adapt to new environments, can be developed outside of the classroom. This is because every section of the DofE gives young people the opportunity to be independent, grow in confidence, and be challenged as an individual.