Families & Carers Network

We have created a closed group on Facebook to enable families and carers to network and share information and ideas.

The group has the following aims:


• To develop and increase independence for young people with SEN and /or disabilities within their communities

• Maintain and develop friendships

• Increase community presence

• Sharing of ideas, interests, activities and experiences

• Setting up new groups or activities

• Promoting events

• Sharing transport costs to promote access

• Networking re work experience/employment opportunities

• Networking re housing/independent living

• Help to meet the aspirations in a young person’s Person Centred Plan.

We anticipate that another outcome may be that networking could lead to a better use of the resources available to families. For example – Pupils who are friendly in school might be able to take part in activities together outside of school hours by pooling resources such as personal assistants funded through direct payments. If it were possible for two pupils to share resources in this way it would in effect double the time and activities they had access to.

The Schools Extended Services and Parent Support Co-ordinator will also use the page to share up to date information with families and carers. The purpose of the group is to facilitate social interaction between families of pupils attending Fosse Way School, it is not a medium for discussion or comments about the day to day running of the school.