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MENU TERM 4, 5 and 6

September 2020 MENU TERM 1, 2 and 3 

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The Menu operates on a rolling programme.

Fosse Way School is part of the Food For Life initiative and has a commitment to providing healthy options and a well balanced diet in its school dinners.

Lunch is prepared on the premises and served in the school dining halls. Dinner money is collected on the first day of each week for the whole week. The cost of a school meal is £2.00 for junior pupils and £2.50 for senior pupils per day.

Arrangements can be made for pupils requiring a special diet for health for religious reasons and a vegetarian meal is always available.

Please ensure that any drinks are stored in unbreakable containers, no glass bottles or cans please.

All pupils should remain on the premises during lunch times.

The school is also a participant in the Schools Fruit and Vegetable Scheme

Our eligible pupils receive free fruit and vegetables which they can have every day at school with the hope that they will try and experience new healthy foods and establish a habit of eating them in the future.

The school has also opted in to the Free School Milk that the LEA can provide for those aged between 5-7 and the group that is eligible receives a carton of milk each day at school. Other parents can arrange for milk to be bought in.

We also provide outreach catering for five local schools – Chewton Mendip Primary School, Hayesdown First School, Marksbury and Nunney School.


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