Hair and Beauty


At Fosse Way, the Hair and Beauty curriculum develops the transferable skills, attributes and behaviours needed for learners to progress to further study and employment.

The course is delivered in a way which brings together the theory with practical and technical skills.

Our aim is to foster the students confidence in themselves and in their ability to work in the hair and beauty sector whilst working towards the qualification.

As a level 1 BTEC, the pass standard requires learners to complete routine, simple and directed tasks fully under supervision, and the students are marked by staff on their ability to apply their knowledge and skills.


As one of the Key Stage 4 Options, the curriculum links to our school values, while working towards the BTEC Level 1 Introductory Certificate in Hair and Beauty.

The Certificate offers a basic introduction to the sector, and requires that five units are achieved. It is designed for students who may be ready to progress to further study.

For some students, it may be more appropriate to work towards the Level 1 Introductory Award. This requires that two units are achieved, and helps them to create a Personal Progression Plan.

The students’ work is assessed internally, giving the learners the opportunity to demonstrate skills developed in applied scenarios. There is some theory work involved, which is incorporated into their coursework books, along with photographic evidence of their practical achievements.


Whilst engaged in a wide range of activities, the students are able to develop a number of transferable skills, which are embedded into the curriculum.

  • Communication – learning about body language, how to listen and speak with clients,
  • Working with Others – showing respect and taking on a range of roles.
  • Problem-Solving – identifying issues and finding products and actions for solutions
  • Managing Information – developing research, writing, and image presentation skills.
  • Self-Management and development – setting goals, planning, devising strategies.


The students will gain knowledge and skills which will help them if they decide to continue with careers in this field. The core units focus on self-progression and organisation, which helps with personal development.  Students then go on to learn about carrying out salon tasks, hairdressing, applying make-up, carrying out treatments such as facials, and looking after customers.

When possible, we work with local hairdressers and beauty salons, so that the students can visit and experience the different real-life working environments.