Hawking Pathway


Hawking Pathway


The Students

The students on the Hawking pathway are able to access subject specific study.

The students are likely to have sensory sensitivities and potentially behaviour that challenges and requires some level of proactive intervention or support.

Some of the students on this pathway are pre-verbal, whilst others have more fluent communication.

The curriculum and curriculum approaches

The curriculum will have been heavily adapted to meet the needs of the students. The students on this pathway would not be expected to gain GCSES but some may be working at pre-entry or entry level.

For those with higher sensory sensitivities, learning is delivered in shorter chunks, with regulatory time then incorporated into the timetable to ensure that all students are ready to learn. Due to the speech, language and communication needs present for those in this pathway, there is an emphasis on the development of functional language and communication.

The students follow a two-year rolling programme of thematic learning which focuses on the knowledge and skills to prepare our Hawking students for the future and life beyond Fosse Way. Sequential teaching and learning builds upon prior knowledge, addresses and plugs gaps in understanding and ensures that learning is consolidated and embedded so that all Hawking students are prepared for appropriate levels of independence and future positive outcomes, including, in some cases, employment.

Learning is hands-on, utilising the local community where appropriate.


In recent years we have seen students on this pathway leave us to enjoy a number of positive outcomes; some students will leave this pathway with the skills to move on to a supported internship, some students have moved on to college placements and other students have moved into supported living. The overwhelming majority of young people on this pathway will require some level of support throughout their adult life. Our role is to support them to become as independent as possible within their chosen outcome.