Option name: Humanities/Geography

Qualification: ASDAN short course

Lead teacher: Sally Locke

Course content / main areas of learning: Geography. The course content can be adapted to suit the learners’ interests and abilities. The course encompasses a range of activities, some longer some shorter, including but not limited to Physical processes, Sport and Leisure and My Place.

Assessment details: Students will work towards an ASDAN Short Course in Geography. Pupils complete an assessment booklet and a portfolio evidencing their learning as they progress through the course. To succeed in the qualification, pupils need to be working at or above Entry Level 1 in English. However, the content can be adapted to be accessible to students working at a lower level in English who do not aspire to achieve the qualification. 

Key messages about the option.

Humanities is primarily a skills-based option. It does not carry the same academic weighting as a GCSE or BTEC qualification, but we aim to enable students to develop independence as well as transferable skills they will need to succeed in their core academic subjects. Hence the focus is on teamwork, research, presentation skills, developing personal confidence, planning and structuring written work, planning and participating in trips, evaluation.