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As an employer, you should never underestimate the positive influence you can have on young people. Giving pupils multiple exposure to employers and workplaces allows them to meet role models and build aspiration and inspiration around future pathways, jobs and opportunities.

Local business can make a real difference to the lives of young people in this area as well as helping businesses themselves to strengthen their talent pipeline by increasing the diversity of their workforce and addressing skills gaps. By working with our students and teachers and talking to them about different routes into their businesses, you can increase their awareness and work readiness and the number of job applicants, particularly from under-represented groups.

In the 2021 study by the Careers and Enterprise Council, “Employer Engagement in Careers Education”, “…. over four out of five employers said that working directly with schools on their careers education programme helped them to develop their talent and skills pipeline”

As well as making a significant difference to the lives of our pupils, interacting with young people like ours you can:

  • enable you to meet young talent first
  • inspire young people and grow future skills
  • proactively address the social value of your business by making a difference to the community
  • develop your staff’s potential

“Fosse Way students have been coming to Somer Valley FM for several years. We are currently welcoming three students to work experience, providing them with a valuable insight into the working world. This experience is now managed by the charity Sound Vision.

Students receive technical training and voice coaching with a view to having their voices broadcast on Sound Vision, on Somer Valley FM, which airs at 6pm on Tuesdays. To date they have produced six Sound Vision shows which have included music features and a podcast.

Students are also given the opportunity to gain an Arts Award Qualification. The Arts Award is a way of recognizing the skills gained and creative endeavours of the students.

I am delighted that we continue to welcome the students of Fosse Way School; the links between media and education are at the heart of what we do at Sound Vision. Community radio is always about empowering locally trusted voices, and Fosse Way students have always added to the quality and diversity of Somer Valley FM.”

Maggie Harding

Somer Valley FM

“The Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Foundation Trust, has worked with Fosse Way School for over fourteen years. Over this period we have hosted and employed interns into the Trust. We’re very proud to have helped these young people up the career ladder.

Hosting a DFN Project SEARCH provides a unique opportunity for the Trust. Working with the job coaches helps our staff learn the most effective ways to support and guide Interns and other students with learning disabilities. They acquire techniques to break tasks down into manageable segments, seek alternative explanations to address the individual needs.

When you see these young people change over the course of their internship, where their confidence grows. It has given them a purpose in life, so as an employer why wouldn’t you support a programme like this?!”

Hugh McKinney

Royal United Hospital Project Search Business Liaison, Royal United Hospital


Careers and Enterprise Company

The Careers and Enterprise Company was set up by government in 2015, with a mission to help every young person to find their best next step.

They are the national body for careers education in England, supporting schools and colleges to deliver modern, 21st century careers education.

Their website has a large section with information specifically for employers:


Autism Education Trust

The Trust have a Transition to Employment Toolkit strives to improve opportunities for autistic people. Ambitious about Autism and the Autism Education Trust intend to help tackle the low autism employment rate, which is currently at 22% according to the Office for National Statistics.

This resource will help employers to develop their awareness and understanding of autism. They will support the hiring and retaining of talented autistic young people, and help more autistic young people access sustainable and meaningful employment opportunities



West of England Combined Authority

This page includes information on the various opportunities available to employers for engaging with volunteers or to volunteer themselves. Here you can find out about how to become an Enterprise Advisor, how to get involved with our Workforce for the Future programme and discover information on Cornerstone Employers.

Successful interactions with employers and experiences like workplace volunteering, internships, placements, and workshops inspire young people to make informed choices about their future, whilst attracting future talent to your business

Employers and volunteers – Combined Authority (

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