Keller Pathway

Keller Pathway

The students

Many students on the Keller pathway join us in year seven. This isn’t to say that they don’t join us earlier than this, but for many they have been able to remain in mainstream education until this time. The students on this pathway benefit from an education often similar to that in a mainstream school, with the added benefit of smaller class sizes, specialist teaching and a higher staff ratio.

In year 11 these students will often be working towards qualifications ranging from Entry levels to GCSEs. In primary and secondary some of these students may benefit from additional maths and English interventions outside of the classroom.

Whilst academia can be problematic for the young people on this pathway, we find that it is often the social side of school that they can find most difficult. Many students have difficulties with executive functioning and theory of mind and require bespoke social skills interventions in order to navigate the social rules and norms.


The curriculum and curriculum approaches

Students on this pathway will be taught maths, English, science, PSHE, RSE, Humanities, Art, DT including food tech, PE and music from year 1 to year 9.

In year 10 the students will continue with the core subjects, but can choose from a selection of ‘options’ (for more information please see the Key stage 4 options page).



The Keller pathway is extremely diverse as it caters to a wide range of needs. We believe that the vast majority of students on this pathway should be able to gain meaningful employment either paid or voluntary.

The students on this pathway in recent years have moved on to a wide range of options including; full time paid employment, part time paid employment, voluntary roles, supported internships (leading to employment), additional college courses ranging from entry level to A levels.

Some students on this pathway access supported living whilst others are able to live completely independently.