Land Based


In land based skills we follow the Pearson syllabus. We find that this offers a range of practical activities which offer a real insight into horticulture while also helping the pupils to understand possible careers in the pathway.

Although practically based there are opportunities for pupils to engage in literacy through their course work and the course also offers links to life skills as pupils are expected to plan flower presentations within budget and after purchasing the flora needed.

The pupils have access to a poly tunnel, outdoor beds and a small wildlife area which allow the pupils to take ownership of a space of which they have the responsibility to maintain, further helping with independence and planning. Students are also able to produce displays of their own devising and maintain areas, allowing pupils to link long term care with the needs of living organisms

As part of the course students are encouraged to research into possible careers they can envision themselves in. They look into the reasons for work and the pathways they may take to achieve this. Although the primary focus is Horticulture we allow students to explore other possible avenues to work dependant on their own personal interests and skills.