MCAS (My Child At School)

What is MCAS (My Child At School)

My Child At School is the parent information app that is used at Fosse Way School. You might have come across different versions such as Parent Pay or SIMS Parent or you might be familiar with it from your child being at another school. Parents can use MCAS for all their children that are within one school, they are able to easily manage all their school payments needs.

MCAS is the main means through which parents can;

  • Order Dinners in advance
  • Update their own contact details, pupil information, changes in permissions
  • Make Payments for dinners and view dinner information
  • Give permission and make payments for trips
  • View Registration information
  • Make payments for second hand uniform
  • Make payments for charity days
  • Make payments for after-school clubs

It will also help the school workload and provide a secure easy means of payment with a built in audit trail and ability to refund parents if necessary.

From September 2024, parents will have to order and pay for school dinners in advance. They will have to use MCAS to do this as we will be going cashless as a school.

We have provided some guides below on how to do some simple functions.  Bromcom have produced a full parent guide to getting onto the system as well which you can download here. This shows the laptop version and the phone app version which does look a bit different. We will be using MCAS more and more so it is really important that parents sign up as we will be cashless from September 2024.

How to get started with the get MCAS Web Parent Portal?

We will email you your account activation details which will come through saying it is a “password reset” from Bromcom. It will sometimes go into a spam or junk folder and has a time limit on accepting it. If is has expired, then please contact the school office and they will send out another link.  Once you receive these:

In the email, click on the link where it says “Please click Here to create your login password”. It will take you to this login page.

  • Enter and then confirm your password that you create (please not it must have two digits, a capital letter and a symbol in it), then click on “Create Password” to activate your account.
  • The page will return to the login screen and you will now be able to login using your email address where you received the email and password you have just created.
  • Once logged in, click on Account in the parent portal and select Change Profile from the dropdown menu to view and amend your information if required.
  • Once activation is complete you can go straight to Items for payment, select which item(s) you want to add to your basket and proceed to complete your payment

If you have any questions, please contact the school  office.

For more information and videos on logging on, please visit How to login and use the MCAS Web Parent Portal.

The first time you log in, you will be given the opportunity to download the app. If you are intending to mainly use the app on your phone, this is recommended as it is a lot easier to read on the app on a phone. You can add an app at a later date, but if you do it on the first log in, it auto sync’s it for you without you having to put in details and data.



I am in MCAS, now what?

Here is a link to Bromcoms information and video guides

We have also made some quick and easy guides for parents ourselves. Click on the buttons below if you want to know more.