Information for parents relating to the administration of medicine in school

Our Medication policy can be found here

If your child needs medication in school you will need to complete one of the following three forms.

Medical form 1 

This form is used only when a child requires non-prescription medication in Fosse Way House or on a residential trip

Medical form 2 

This form is used for all day to day over the counter and prescription medicines that are taken during the school day. Fosse Way House students will need this form for any prescription medications.

Medical form 3 

This form is required for emergency seizure medication

You can download these forms on the buttons below.

All medical forms must be signed by the parents and by the Headteacher before medication can be administered in school. The school reserves the right to refuse responsibility for the administration of medication in some instances.

Forms can be downloaded from the website or they can be collected from the school office.

A copy of Form 1 must be stored in student’s main file in the school office. A second copy should be stored in Fosse Way House or taken on the residential trip and looked after by the trip leader.

Children who are acutely ill and who require a short course of medication e.g. antibiotics, will normally remain at home until the course is finished. The school does not have the facilities to refrigerate medication.

Products containing paracetamol can only be administered after telephoning parents/ carers to ensure no other product containing paracetamol has been given or may be given in the home environment to prevent over dose.

All medication must be clearly labelled with the child’s name, mode of administration, dosage, frequency and the name of the medication being given.

Safe care of medication and self-administration

We recognise that it is desirable for some students with long term health conditions such as asthma to be able to carry and administer their own medication in order to gain independence. In order to make this process safe for all students within the school, if you would like your child to carry their medication and self-administer, a risk assessment will need to be undertaken. The risk assessment will form part of the child’s care plan and will assess the risk to the student and other students within the school. The risk assessment will be signed by the parents and the child before carrying and self-administration may take place, this document will be stored in the medication record file in their area of the school.