SEND Network

Norton Radstock

SEND Network

22 schools working collaboratively

The Norton Radstock SEND Network is a collaboration of 22 schools, which consists of 3 Secondary Schools, 18 Primaries and 1 Special school.

The fundamental aim of the network is to support the inclusion of mainstream students with special educational needs. Within this there is an emphasis on improving outcomes for these young people within school and beyond.

The schools are involved in a broad range of collaborative activities to support this aim, an underlying principal of the Network is the sharing of skills and expertise of all the schools.

The Network is based on the commitment, collaboration and mutual trust of the schools involved.

The Network has a ‘baseline’ of services to which all Network schools have access. In addition to this schools can access a range of additional support at cost.

Network Coordinator – Iian Conley

Baseline services to which all schools within the SEND Network are entitled

Named Network Coordinator as direct point of contact to include:

  • Act as direct contact for schools, providing specific advice / support / information / updates etc. for schools. Follow up areas of concern
  • Co-ordinate the work of other professionals within the baseline and those provided as part of additional support
  • Liaising with a range of other agencies involved with schools and young people within the area
  • Attend school planning meetings if requested
  • Consultancy on a range of SEN issues and for individual pupils
  • Liaise with inclusion manager/ LA services re local SEND issues
  • Attend specific Annual Reviews where requested
  • Organising specific observations/assessments from network professionals (see below)
  • Disseminating good practice between schools.

Network Professionals

As part of the network, all member schools are entitled to the following:

  • Network Occupational Therapy (13 hours per school, provided by Children Unlimited and Now, Next and Then)
  • Network Speech and Language Therapy (5 hours per school, provided by Liz Walker)
  • Network Educational Psychologist (2 days a week, on a referral basis provided by Stephanie Warman)
  • Professional Development Program (planned in response to needs identified from within the network and from feedback from schools) – Preferential rates apply to Network schools and is provided by the Partnership Trust Teaching School

Additional hours from the Network OT or SALT can be requested. OT is at a rate of £70/hour and SALT at £50/hour.

Termly SENCO meetings are arranged to share good practice, discuss on-going developments across the local authority, and to support transition of pupils with recognised SEND and who have an EHCP.

Charges to member schools

Baseline services are funded by schools at the following annual rates.  Schools are charged on an academic year basis, running from September to August.


School Roll < 50 £1800
School Roll 51-100 £2100
School Roll 101-150 £2400
School Roll 151-200 £2700
School Roll 201-250 £3000
School Roll 251-300 £3300
School Roll 301-350 £3600
School Roll 351-999 £3900
School Roll 1000+ £5100