Specialist Autism Support Service

What is SASS?

The Specialist Autism Support Service has been commissioned by Bath and North East Somerset Local Authority to support autistic children and young adults up to the age of 25. The young people we support must have a diagnosis of Autism/Autistic Spectrum Disorder and have a B&NES home address.

Within the Specialist Autism Support Service, we take account of the following themes; not only in how we support children and young people on the autism spectrum, their families and educational settings, but also in how we work with other professionals, organisations and the wider community:

  • Providing earlier support for children and young people, particularly following new diagnosis and when supporting schools to put in autism strategies, make reasonable adjustments and seek specialist advice
  • Improving access to information and resources for all families in B&NES
  • Increasing availability of specialist services provided by health, such as Occupational Therapy, for children and young people who have autism experiencing challenges due to sensory issues and anxiety
  • Developing consistency across educational settings in their ability to meet the needs of children and young people with autism
  • Providing specialist support for complex cases and at points of high needs, for example to prevent placement breakdown
  • Ensuring greater coordination between services to reduce duplication and make the best use of valuable but finite resources
  • To develop understanding in school staff of autism and how to take a more personalised approach


Please see our video in support of World Autism Acceptance Week with Becca Tranter, Lead for SASS

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News and Recent Updates

We would like to keep you updated with our service news and developments throughout the year, including current projects and collaborations. You can find recent information, newsletters, updates, referral forms and everything else you might need to know about our service on our padlet please click here


SASS Information

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