SASS training professionals

Training for professionals

The Specialist Autism Support Service provides training for professionals on a variety of subjects connected with autism. This training is delivered by members of the SASS team, who all have experience in understanding the needs of children and young people with autism.

For our latest overview of the training available please see:

To book a place on any of our training courses or to ask further questions please email or phone the helpline on 01761 412198 option 2.

Training is offered in open sessions which anyone can book onto at Fosse Way School in Radstock, First Steps Nursery in Bath and online. We can also deliver training on a whole school basis where we would come and train your whole staff team either in a staff meeting or an inset day, depending on the length of the training requested. To find out more please email

We offer training a wide variety of subjects. our courses include

  • Understanding girls: exploring alternative presentations of autism – 3 hours
  • How to write social scripts – 3 hours
  • Developing friendship and socials skills in autistic children and young people – 3 hours
  • Universal classroom strategies for autistic pupils – early years and primary – 3 hours
  • Universal classroom strategies for autistic pupils – secondary and post 16 – 3 hours
  • Sensory processing: understanding the basics – 1.5 hours
  • Sensory processing: universal strategies to support autistic children and young people – 2.5 hours
  • Sensory modulation and further interventions  – 2.5 hours
  • Executive function and sensory differences  – 1.5 hours
  • Autism, sexuality, gender and identity – 3 hours
  • PDA – 1.5 hours
  • Autism champions network meetings

We are the regional partner for the Autism Education Trust (AET) and offer training and continuing professional development for professionals using the AET Professional Development Programme, which includes the Early Years Programme, Schools Programme and Post 16 Programme. For more information about the AET programme and training options, please see the Autism Education Trust website:

The courses we offer are:

  • AET early years making sense of autism – 2 hours
  • AET early years good autism practice – 1 day
  • AET early years suite of resources for leaders – 1 day
  • AET early years anxiety module – 3 hours
  • AET schools making sense of autism – 2 hours
  • AET schools good autism practice – 1 day
  • AET schools suite of resources for leaders – 1 day
  • AET schools anxiety module – 3 hours
  • AET inclusion module – 1 day
  • AET post 16 making sense of autism – 2 hours
  • AET post 16 good autism practice – 1 day
  • AET post 16 anxiety module – 3 hours
  • AET post 16 transition to employment – 3 hours

Autism champions

We are aiming for all schools and education settings in B&NES to have an identified Autism Champion, who can support autistic pupils and their families. Autism champions can be any professional from the settings above who would like to become an advocate for their children and young adults on the autism spectrum. Autism champions will have an existing awareness of autism, compassion for the children and young people they work with and a desire to further their professional development and nurture the understanding of others. If you would like to become an Autism Champion for your setting, please contact the SASS team for more information and to join our growing network by emailing or calling the helpline on 01761 412198 option 2..

Our Autism Champions network provides a valuable opportunity for professionals in schools to work together to support their autistic young people and their families. Our Autism Champions are skilled practitioners, who are often the first point of contact for young people and are committed to enhancing autism provision within their settings. They do a fantastic job and I would like to thank all of our champions for their commitment to their roles and ‘making a difference’ every day.

Becca Tranter

Lead for Specialist Autism Support Service

The network of Autism Champions always shows to us at the service what a wealth of interesting, hard-working and curious staff there are out there in B&NES and beyond. They are committed to making their settings inclusive and happy places in which autistic young people are valued and able to thrive.

 The champions meet three times a year, with a focus to each training session informed by the groups areas of need, but sharing of resources happens throughout the school year. It can be difficult sometimes to advocate for the autistic learners in your setting, when there are so many competing pressures and targets. Champions gives you that boost of knowledge and support giving you the confidence to spread awareness of the experiences of autistic young people and the steps your setting can take to be truly accepting of neurodiversity’

Sarah Keelty

Teacher – Specialist Autism Support Service