Sports for Fun


Sports for fun is a great way to support a child’s physical and mental well-being as well as develop their social skills.  In this Option, there will be the chance to try different activities. There will be opportunities to try new sports and activities as well as some you’ve done before. This Option provides a wonderful opportunity to build skills including communication, teamwork, independence, and self-confidence. The activities will be planned around the needs and abilities of the students and could include: exercise at the gym, netball, basketball, golf, bowling, cycling, martial arts, and many more


The sports curriculum encourages students to participate in individual activities such as cycling, as well as in team games such as football and basketball, bowling and table tennis.

Students develop their techniques, such as throwing and catching, and improve their performance in competitive sports and physical activities.

Understanding tactics of the game and how scoring works contribute to self -improvement and present intellectual challenges which encourage pupils to problem solve in real time.

Students evaluate their performances compared to previous ones and improve across a range of physical activities – to achieve their personal best.


The sports for fun option contributes to the health and fitness of students.

Sports encourages tolerance and respect for others.

It affords the opportunity to work with a wider range of students and staff.

For some students sports for fun is the highlight of their week.


At Fosse Way, we know that the sports curriculum contributes to the skills students need to be successful in many careers.

The teaching of skills linked to physical fitness, independence, target setting, resilience, problem solving and team work are important in employment.

The students are provided with the opportunity to explore a wide range of sports and possible job roles.