Work Experience

The future for young people has its challenges. Even more so for those marginalised communities – less than 6% of people with a learning difficulty are in paid employment but over 65% want to work. But it shouldn’t be – and needn’t be!

Work Experience is a vital component of the ‘employment’ pathway of ‘Preparing for Adulthood’, and is something which must be accessible for all students. This means providing a comprehensive programme of opportunities for the cohort, whilst maintaining positive collaborative relationships with local employers and high standards of safeguarding.

Our well-established work experience programme offers the chance to showcase their skills and attributes in the workplace.  We have a very personalised approach to work experience and offer a range of internal and external placement opportunities.  Every student will have first-hand experiences of the workplace through work visits, work shadowing or work experience to help their exploration of career opportunities, and expand their expand networks.  Students can take part in a combination of placements ranging from group placements within school, to placements in the school café and many will go on to have an off-site placement with a local business. 

Current and past employers who offer our students Work experience opportunities include:

  • Somer Valley FM
  • Centurion Hotel
  • British Heart Foundation

… and many more! 

We have been building on the successes we’ve had with employer partners; now we welcome new employers from the region to offer work experience placements. 

Work Experience at Fosse Way School

Fosse Way School is proud that all students will take part in work experience during their school career.  Quite often we will start the process using facilities and opportunities at the school itself in a safe and familiar environment. 

Here are  some examples of work experience within the school:

  • Running in-house recycling business
  • Site Maintenance and site team support
  • Supporting in Primary Classes
  • Working in Longfellow’s Cafe Waitressing
  • Working in Longfellow’s Cafe as a Barista (over 18’s only)
  • Working in Longfellow’s Cafe serving meals
  • Working in Longfellow’s Cafe preparing meals
  • Working in Longfellow’s Cafe doing stock control