Work Skills


The Work Skills curriculum within the KS4 Exploring Learning and Independence Pathway at Fosse Way has been designed to take into account students’ needs and priorities as identified in their EHCP Preparing for Adulthood: Employment, Education and Training. In addition to their EHCP students explore a range of learning opportunities from the EQUALS ‘Moving On’ 14 -25 accreditation scheme, which enables pupils to be assessed and awarded nationally moderated certificates. Within the KS4 Exploring Learning and Independence Pathway at Fosse Way we aim that each student will work towards skills in workplace contexts that are meaningful and relevant to them in line with their interests and aspirations.


Within the KS4 Exploring Learning and Independence Pathway students access a weekly Work Skills options group.  This is based on the EQUALS ‘Moving On’ 14 – 25 curriculum, which includes units from Careers Education and Guidance (including Further Education providers), Post School Planning and Work Related Learning.

Students access Work Experience in Fosse Way School’s Longfellow’s Training Cafe and Work Experience in the local community. Vocational activities take account of students’ preferences and aspirations identified through Vocational Profiling tasks, My Future My Choice, plus Preparing for Adulthood Pathways as part of the EHCP process. Examples of learning experiences include teamwork, researching a job of interest, how to ask for help and mini-enterprise.

Learning is delivered through a wide range of structured approaches and practical tasks, for example, utilizing TEACCH strategies to support organisational and independence skills. Teachers are always seeking creative means to support pupils to have the best real-life workplace experience within the school setting. Priority is also given for overlearning so that pupils can rehearse skills and build confidence.  Through ongoing feedback and celebration of achievements pupils are supported to identify how they are progressing in the development of their work-related skills and they are supported to think through and communicate what is important to them. Pupils are given ample opportunity to learn new vocabulary and concepts through the use of words, symbols, pictures and objects of reference depending on needs.


Students work towards nationally moderated certificates from the EQUALS ‘Moving On’ 14 – 25 accreditation scheme. At Fosse Way, we believe that the Work Skills curriculum within the KS4 Exploring Learning and Independence Pathway provides students with the opportunity to identify their strengths, develop the skills they will need in their future, gain confidence and to pursue their interests.


At Fosse Way, the Work Skills curriculum within the KS4 Exploring Learning and Independence Pathway provides students with the practical skills they need to gain confidence and crucially express their interests and aspirations so that we can support them to fulfil their wishes. The Work Skills curriculum covers a broad range of skills and knowledge: team work, self-presentation, preparing for new situations, work experience in school or college, mini-enterprise. In terms of Career Development and Working we also draw upon Talentino Careers, who define career development as ‘any activity which furthers knowledge, understanding, skill or experience, with the purpose of leading to a life-enhancing outcome, including the possibility and probability of working in a range of settings’ (Definition: Talentino Careers We understand working as ‘engaging in any activity which uses a skill for the purpose of achieving an outcome which brings reward’ (Definition: Talentino Careers

The teaching of work skills and how these can relate to careers are communicated clearly to students, and their parents/carers. Students are supported to identify tasks they would like to practice at home. This enables students to work towards generalising skills to other settings which is an important workplace skill.